Apoteca Gin

Apoteca Gin

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The Apoteca Gin was inspired by the druidic culture and the homoeopathic remedies of old where herbs and spices were added to spirits as restoratives. Apoteca starts with a rye base, not often seen in the world of gin, and this gives us a soft, spicy platform for our 22 botanicals. These include unusual botanicals like Bee Bread & Propolis, which give the honey aroma and flavours without the sweetness; Sea Buckthorn, which gives us a tart citrusy flavour; Wormwood & St John’s Wort, which provide herbal elements; and Oak Bark which provides a dry, balanced finish. 

Botanicals: Bee Bread, Propolis, Sea Buckthorn, Juniper, Black Currant Leaves, Mint, Camomile, Cinnamon, Dill Seed, Fireweed, Lady's Mantle, Linden Blossom, Marigold Blossom, Oak Bark, Orange Peel, Wormwood, Red Clover, Rosehip, St John's Wort, White Mulberry Leaves, Wild Blueberry and Nettle.

Origin: Buxton, United Kingdom

43% ABV