Hakugakusen Tokusen Sake

Hakugakusen Tokusen Sake

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The Hakugakusen brand was established in 2001 by Takeshi Yasumoto, 6th-generation tori of Yasumoto Shuzo. “Haku” is derived from the Hakusan subterranean water vein used as brewing water, and “Gaku” from the Togo area of the Fukui Prefecture. It is here that brewing faces the mountains, or “sangaku” in Japanese. “Sen” is a combination of the kanji for “person” and “mountain”, implying that people and mountain collide when enjoying this sake.

Yasumoto revolutionised the brewing process and breathed new life into the brewery’s method, but nevertheless remained committed to the fundamental principles of traditional techniques.

Origin: Fukui, Japan

Sake (Junmai Daiginjo)
Kake Rice: 
Koji Rice: 

17% ABV