Komaki Issho Silver Shochu

Komaki Issho Silver Shochu

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Komaki Distillery was established in Satsuma Town in the northern part of the Satsuma Peninsula, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1909In this region, water is abundant and the difference in temperature is unique, enhancing the conditions for growing delicious rice, make it the number one rice-producing region in KagoshimaWith more than 100 years of history, this Kura has been hit by three oods. However, each time disaster struck, they were supported by the people around them, motivatinthem to continue making Shochu till this day.

The sweet potatoes used in the production of Komaki Shochu are from the local Satsuma town, and the Kura works together with local farmers to make their ShochuThe sweet potatoes used as raw materials are carefully processed one by one, and after being distilled by a traditional method, they manufacture Shochu that is easy to drink. One that has a strong sweet potato taste.

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

Sweet Potato: Koganesengan (Kagoshima)
Koji Rice: Kagoshima (Edible Rice)
Yeast: Akitakonno 1909 Edo
Water Quality: ph7.4
Water Hardness: 42mg

25% ABV

Recommended Drinking Temperature - Cold or Hot

Grand Prix @ Kyoto Japanese Shochu Competition 2018