Kokuryu Ryu Sake

Kokuryu Ryu Sake

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Since 1804, when Nizaemon Ishidaya opened his brewery in the mountains of Fukui, Kokuryu has strived to create only the best sake. We hew fiercely to the standards of Nizaemon's craftsmanship: We use exceptional sake rice produced by trusted farmers, and pristine water from snowmelt that percolates through the Hakusan mountains. We brew for the sake drinker, and we brew for life's occasions. Above all, we brew sake to span the ages.

Rice and water are gifts of nature that, with tender care and the passage of time to deepen flavors, brewers transform into exceptional sake. This is, after all, a luxurious drink born of time and gifts from the worlds of nature and man.

Origin: Fukui, Japan

Sake: Daiginjo
Kake Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 40% Polishing
Koji Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 40% Polishing
Yeast: Original
Acidity: Amino 0.8 / Total 1
SMV: +4

15% ABV

Recommended Drinking Temperature: Cold