Sari Kanzashi Sake

Sari Kanzashi Sake

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Mouri Sake Brewery was founded in 1938 by the first generation brewer, Junkichi Mouri. The brewery is located in Togo, Fukui City, a rural town surrounded by the countryside close to the beautiful Asuwa River. It was once a historical and scenic town with a stream flowing through its centre. Mouri Sake Brewery uses high quality underground water from Mt. Hakusan and Koshihikari rice cultivated in fertile soil.

Carefully crafted Sake preserves the old-fashioned and handmade taste. Mouri Sake Breweryʼs Sake is a fine liquor that has a soft taste and brings out the flavour of its ingredients. It has a unique acidity that pairs well with dishes rich in vinegar or citrus notes, such as Yuzu or Sudachi. Our Sake is brewed in line with the belief that Sake ought to be brewed with a focus on rice, water, and climate. And it is born in an area that is naturally rich and where you can experience the expression of each season.

Origin: Fukui, Japan

Sake: Junmai
Kake Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 65% Polishing
Koji Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 65% Polishing
Yeast: Koykai No.901
Acidity: Amino 1.7 / Total 1.8
SMV: +5

15% ABV

Recommended Drinking Temperature: Cold, Cool or Hot