Tengumai 50 Sake

Tengumai 50 Sake

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Shata Shuzo was founded in 1823. Mr. Taemon Shata, the first owner of the brewery, was struck by the delicious tastes of the sake he tried on his pilgrimage around Japan and established a local brewery with an ardent desire to produce high quality sake. At that time the brewery was surrounded by dense forest. It was said that the sound of the leaves rustling was like the sound of Tengu (folklore demons) dancing. This is the origin of the name “Tengumai.” We will continue to preserve our traditional taste and technique, and also, we want to keep moving forward, stepping up to new challenges.

Shata Shuzo is located in Ishikawa Prefecture facing to the Sea of Japan. We brew our sake with the spring water from the sacred mountain Hakusan and using local sake rice. Most part of our sake is handmade and using “Yamahai Jikomi” which is a method of manufacturing sake yeast starter using lactic acid fermentation. Today, itʼs rare, but we believed that the method would maximize the flavor of the locally grown sake rice, and that it would create a sake that would go well with the local cuisine. We
are determined to continue to brew sake that can enrich peopleʼs heart and bring harmony.

Origin: Ishikawa, Japan

Sake: Junmai Daiginjo
Kake Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 50% Polishing
Koji Rice: Yamada Nishiki, 50% Polishing
Yeast: Homemade
Acidity: Amino 1 / Total 1.5
SMV: +2

16% ABV

Recommended Drinking: Cold or Cool Temperature

Gold @ LA International Wine Challenge 2018
Gold @ NY International Wine Challenge 2018
Gold @ Toronto International Sake Challenge 2015
Gold @ LA International Wine Challenge 2014
Gold @ LA International Wine Challenge 2013